In a time where cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated by the day, you need to ensure your data, applications, and devices are protected. It's a tall order, but fear not — we've got you covered.

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Hi. We're Duo — one of the world's most trusted identity access management tools. From small start-ups to large enterprises, we secure every click, every connection, every time.


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*The Total Economic Impact™ of Cisco Duo, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, February 2023. Results are based on a composite organization.

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If you need something secure, consider it done.

To defend your organization's digital turf, you need a zero trust model that secures every access attempt and authenticates every identity. At the same time, you need to frustrate attackers — not users. This is where Duo comes in.

Five key ways Duo keeps your business safe and secure

  1. Phishing-Resistant MFA

    Duo enables you to verify user identity at login with two or more authentication methods, so you can guard against modern phishing attacks.

  2. Trusted Endpoints

    Duo makes it easy for you to define and manage trusted endpoints by ensuring that only known devices can access your organization's applications.

  3. Adaptive Access Policies

    Duo gives you control over who can access what and when. Simply apply custom policies based on role, device, and location.

  4. Passwordless

    Duo reduces the risk and administrative burden of passwords by letting users log in using biometrics, security keys, and more.

  5. Risk-Based Authentication

    Duo gives you peace of mind by automatically detecting and mitigating potential threats at each login attempt.

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Are you prepared for the future of identity security? Find out.

In the 2024 Duo Trusted Access Report, you'll discover:

  • Key findings from an analysis of over 16 billion authentications
  • How to stop new MFA-targeting attacks
  • What the future of identity security means for your organization

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Front cover of the 2024 Duo Trusted Access Report

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TrustRadius Top Rated 2023

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Cisco Duo customers said exceptional things about our product on TrustRadius, earning us a TrustRadius Top Rated 2023 award for Authentication, Cloud Computing Security, and Single Sign-On (SSO) categories.

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