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Trusted Access

Our Mission is to Secure Your Mission.

Duo verifies the identity of your users with two-factor authentication and the health of their devices through endpoint remediation before they connect to your applications with single sign-on (SSO).

How Does It Work?
Trusted Users

Trust Your Users.

Trusted Access starts with Trusted Users. Verify their identities with Duo’s easy-to-use two-factor authentication solution.

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Trusted Devices

Trust Every Device.

Duo’s platform checks the security health of your users’ devices. Using our device access policies, you can block, warn or notify users of risky devices.

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Every Application

Protect Every Application.

Secure access to both on-premises and cloud-based applications, and simplify access with our secure single sign-on (SSO).

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The Most Loved Company in Security

But don’t just take our word for it. Thousands of organizations worldwide trust Duo.

New Report

Trusted Access Report: Microsoft Edition

An analysis of device security health, with a closer look at Microsoft software.

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