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Frustrate the bad guys, not your users.

Easy two-factor authentication plus endpoint visibility makes for secure businesses and happy users.

Why Duo? Why 2FA?
  • Screenshot of Device Insight dashboard - Go to Endpoint Remediation

    Protect Against Vulnerable Software

    Allow users to easily update their devices, and block out-of-date plugins, like Flash, from accessing sensitive business applications.

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  • Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide - Go to Form

    Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

    Modern two-factor solutions have evolved to support new, complex technology models that change how we use data, including cloud computing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

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  • U.K. Cyber Crime Surpasses All Other Crime

    Blog: Industry News

    The U.K.’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has reported that, for the first time, computer-related crime and misuse has surpassed all other crime types.

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The Current State of Device Security Health

The 2016 Duo Trusted Access Report

An in-depth analysis of the security health of millions of devices and what kind of risk they bring to companies, based on Duo’s dataset of two million devices worldwide.

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  • “This is the brilliance of Duo - most people spend so little time interacting with it, as it’s so quick and simple, that they barely know they’re using it.”

    — Ben Hughes, Network Security Manager
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  • “We were incredibly blown away at how our deployment went…this was the easiest deployment we’ve ever done. I’m really impressed.”

    — Ivan Leichtling, Security Manager
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