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Easy, Flexible Cybersecurity Solutions for Everyone 

Securing your entire organization has never been easier. Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), remote access and access control products deploy fast in any environment. We help keep companies safer than ever before with minimal downtime and optimized productivity.

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CISO (chief information security officer) using cybersecurity auth app on monitor & a road indicating speed of Duo deployment

Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Risks with Software that Works with You

As a part of Cisco Secure's comprehensive suite of security products, Duo helps your organization — and every user in it — achieve security resilience. Our product is easier to use, protects any device, integrates with any application — and it works!

Our customizable solutions offer dynamic cybersecurity that evolves with your organization. Adapt to the changing threat landscapes faster with full-scale visibility and unmatched reliability, all from an interface so simple that anyone can use it.

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Simple Tools for Complex Security Needs

Duo’s MFA (multi-factor authentication) and 2FA (two-factor authentication) app and access tools can help make security resilience easy for your organization, with user-friendly features for secure access, strong authentication and device monitoring.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Quickly and securely verify user trust with every access attempt.

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Remote Access

Establish strong security for your remote users.

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Adaptive Access

Get granular security tailored to your users and their access context.

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Device Trust

Know the health of every device accessing your applications, managed or not.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide simpler, safer access with just one username and password.

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Our Products

Get to know how Duo meets your security needs.

The Life and Death of Passwords

Why did information security evolve into a password-default model, and how can we correct for passwords' vulnerability? Get insight into how we got here and hear from security experts on the future of passwordless security.

Watch Our Passwordless Documentary

Hitachi Chooses Duo for Powerful Secure Access

Duo plays an essential role in how Cisco Secure helps protect Hitachi from every device and endpoint on their path to zero trust. Watch the video to find out how we support their remote workforce globally.

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An IT administrator uses Duo's device insight application interface

Solutions for Every Security Goal

From compliance to planning for security’s future, Duo has the access and authentication tools to help you get where you need to be. See what we can do for you. 

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Use Cases for Simple Security Strategies

  • Zero Trust: Secure the perimeterless, work-from-anywhere world with Duo's Zero Trust capabilities for the workforce.
  • Passwordless: Give users a frictionless login experience, while strengthening against overall security risks.
  • Phishing Prevention: Secure your workforce against phishing attacks with strong multi-factor authentication, device trust and more.

Supporting Your Security Goals

  • Meet Compliance with Duo: Meet requirements for compliant, effective security in your industry and company.
  • Duo Documentation: Duo supports your devices and applications with easy-to-use installation and configuration documents.
  • Duo Care and Duo Quick Start: Our experts are at your service with premium user-friendly customer support.

New and Noteworthy

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Cisco at NRF 2023

Join us at NRF’s Booth 5739 on January 15–17 in New York City to learn how Cisco is committed to supporting your digital transformation in retail. Schedule a meeting with a subject matter expert or take advantage of our in-booth theater and interactive demos. 

Learn More about Cisco at NRF

Satish Chowdhary, Network Enterprise Architect, Ampol

Ampol Chooses Cisco for Hybrid Work

A leader in Australian transport fuel, Ampol has now partnered with Cisco Secure to support data security efforts and to safeguard their entire ecosystem protecting everything from their retail stores to their internet of things (IoT) sensors.

Discover Why Ampol Chose Cisco

A multi factor authentication (MFA)/second factor authentication (2FA) user relies on callback codes and U2F keys to secure their logins

The Multi-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide Is Here

Looking for a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution but not sure where to start? Our guide will help you learn how to customize your access security solution and integrate it to fit your organization’s needs. Download the guide to explore MFA in action. 

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Keep Your Business Moving with Cisco

A cyber attack can grind everything to a halt. Cisco security delivers a complete set of security solutions designed to integrate with everything — even third party technology — to deliver resilient, end-to-end protection. If it’s connected, it’s protected.

Watch How You Can Secure Your Enterprise

The Cisco Secure Security Outcomes Report, Volume 3, helps companies achieve security resilience in their data security.

Achieve Security Resilience

Discover what security resilience means, why it’s important, and how businesses are ranking their own resilience in our latest report that surveys 4,700 security executives from 26 countries.

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Discover the 2022 Trusted Access Report!

Cisco Secure Access by Duo is proud to unveil our 2022 Trusted Access Report! Find out what's new in access control security and explore our most recent user data to see how trusted access works for organizations like yours.

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