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Preventative Care for Healthcare Industry Data

Duo’s comprehensive access security solutions are both easy to use and highly effective within healthcare settings. With tools that align with industry compliance initiatives and a friendly agnostic platform that integrates with any application and server, Duo helps some of the largest hospitals and healthcare systems implement a resilient zero trust strategy.

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A healthcare IT admin authenticates on a personal device to stay HIPAA compliant in cybersecurity
Remote healthcare employee accessing patient data on secure device

The Best Data Security Solution for Hospitals, Private Practices and Clinical Facilities

Bad actors have become increasingly interested in hospital data, often relying on compromised endpoints to locate and harvest sensitive information. Healthcare organizations are faced with rising ransomware attacks. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) acknowledges healthcare has become “one of the biggest targets of cybercrime.” Cyber liability insurance coverage also requires that healthcare organizations implement hack-preventing multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions like Duo.

Duo Wins Best in KLAS 2024 for Access Management

KLAS Research, a leading research firm in the healthcare industry, announced that Duo has been ranked #1 in the category of Access Management two years in a row! Based on extensive feedback and evaluations from healthcare professionals across the nation, Duo's Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) product was measured against the competition in key criteria including culture, loyalty, product, relationships, operations, and value. By providing secure access for every user, every device, and every application, Duo was declared the clear choice.

Keep Telehealth Secure and in HIPAA and EPCS Compliance

Web-reliant systems like telemedicine and online patient portals have revolutionized the healthcare industry, making cybersecurity essential to its regulatory compliance strategies. Proper user authentication is part of the backbone of staying in both HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) compliance, which is why Duo helps to keep thousands of large and small healthcare organizations secure. Features like Duo’s MFA don’t just align with HHS recommendations for endpoint verification, they perform.

Streamlined, versatile and remarkably effective, Duo helps ensure secure access and proper authorization, and even provides endpoint risk assessments — all working with your unique healthcare organization to keep your systems in compliance. Contact our sales department to learn how Duo’s products support privacy and security compliance objectives like HIPAA and EPCS through in-depth access control software features, helping you prevent and eradicate data breach or ransomware threats.

The Premier Data Security Solution for Healthcare Access Points

Duo helps secure endpoints on all healthcare software applications, systems and servers, both in-house and on external, unaffiliated devices. Even personal devices can be secured for across-the-board malware immunity.

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Prevent Malignant Data Access with Versatile MFA Solutions

While malware like ransomware is constantly evolving, healthcare organizations equipped with Duo’s MFA can keep their endpoint security continuously compliant and up to date. Robust and adaptive, Duo’s modern approach to user authentication is equal parts effective and easy to integrate, and compatible with e-prescriber platforms like Epic and other EHRs (electronic health records), management software and more. Organization-wide MFA deployment with Duo is not only possible, but easy!

MFA with Duo Security allows a wide variety of second-factor options to users as well. Secure Duo Push verification with Duo Mobile and biometric verification tools only scratch the surface when it comes to Duo’s MFA options. By giving your organization and individual users the autonomy to choose their preferred method, user experience is even further enhanced. Access in healthcare industry software needs to be both efficient and MFA-backed; Duo can help your organization accomplish both.

A user interface browser and clock represent the importance of data security for healthcare industry

SSO for Rapid, Authorized Access

Duo’s SSO (single sign-on) has become an integral part of high-pressure professional settings like hospitals because of its speed and resiliency. By enrolling authorized users in SSO, organizations can streamline application logins, saving valuable time for the personnel that need it the most. Duo’s SSO feature works in conjunction with Duo’s MFA, but requires verification just one time, subsequently granting an authenticated user system-wide access. By automating application login after a single sign-on, Duo alleviates redundant MFA procedures without compromising security.

Duo SSO provides healthcare industry clients a convenient and easy-to-deploy SSO solution with the same flexibility that all Duo software features are known for. Within any pre-existing security architecture or identity provider, Duo SSO allows the ability to protect any OIDC or SAML connection and immediately protect with Duo's robust policy engine. Its malleability also exists at an access control level. Administrators can explicitly decide which access points can be included within SSO, and which will require an additional verification entry. The healthcare industry is complex; let Duo help streamline user access safely.

A life raft and a phone represent secure access with Duo Security

Healthy Endpoint Access

Duo’s Device Insight offers a first line of defense for preventing login credentials from being compromised, preventing catastrophic situations for individual patients, employees and organizations alike. As The Healthcare Information and Management Systems' (HIMSS) Identity Management Task Force has repeatedly stressed, endpoint security in patient portal environments is now vital to healthcare industry security. We’re here to help.

By helping staff ensure that they’re accessing personal information from the most secure setting possible, Duo’s Device Insight gives your organization an overview of how things like patient portals are being used — even externally. Duo health analyzes the security posture of a device and offers users the chance to self-remedy. Duo also works with all patient portal software providers, including MyChart and AthenaHealth, making it as versatile as it is pertinent to your internal and external security. Device Insight’s usage isn’t limited to patient portals, either; your organization’s employee access can be monitored with Duo’s Device Insight as well. Your healthcare organization’s data is sensitive, and Duo will help offset even personal device access risk with ease.

Foosball goalie players demonstrate defensive cybersecurity with MFA, access control and more for healthcare compliance and threat prevention

Remedy Third-Party Data Risks

Healthcare organizations work with contractors and facilities like external labs and need to ensure all access points are secure. With Duo, secure access for all third-party vendors, contractors, interns and affiliates is simple. Our product provides administrators with a quick, reliable and user-friendly admin interface. The Duo Admin Panel allows visibility into all company logins, including those not managed directly by the organization. Access control standards can be set with ease, ensuring that data access can be adjusted per user, per device and more.

Duo's robust software also provides network security for remote staff, whether they're employed by your practice or not. Duo Network Gateway is a powerful VPN-less or VPN-integrable tool that allows your users to access your on-premises websites, web applications, SSH servers and RDP hosts without having to worry about managing VPN credentials, while also adding login security with the Duo Universal Prompt. Duo Network Gateway empowers administrators to set granular access control policies per web application, per set of SSH servers and per user group to make sure that every single data point is only accessed by those who should.

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