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Adaptive Access Policies For Any Scenario

With Duo, you can apply custom policies based on role, device, location, and additional contextual factors, ensuring control over who accesses what and when.

Get Granular About Who Can Access What, and When

Implementing a zero trust approach involves verifying trust based on contextual information about the user and their device at every access request. It allows you to implement access policies based on the principle of least privilege for your users. Duo enables you to create comprehensive policies effortlessly through an intuitive administrator dashboard. With Duo, you can manage policies globally or for specific applications and user groups within minutes.

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Automatically Respond to Change in Risk Signals

Strong authentication for dynamic environments. Respond to changes in risk signals with Duo’s Risk-Based Authentication.

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Protect Specific Apps and Resources

Protect apps and network resources with the precision you need. Safeguard your critical assets with our powerful and granular secure access controls.

Fully Customize Security Policies

Achieve complete customization and control over your security measures with Duo's adaptive access policies. Personalize policies to help meet components of compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Adapt and Respond to Risks in Real Time

Duo's Risk-Based Authentication continuously analyzes potential threat signals and adapts authentication requirements with every login attempt, dynamically adapting security requirements in real time. This proactive approach safeguards trusted users while thwarting malicious attackers.

Learn More in Duo's RBA Brief

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Verify Trusted Users

Every user has a different use case for accessing applications, and Duo handles them all with ease. Detect user location, device, role, and more at every login, set security policies based on these attributes, check for anomalous access, and continuously monitor policy efficacy—all without interrupting your users’ daily workflows.

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Secure Access Based on Device Trust

Protect against potentially compromised or untrusted devices trying to access your applications and data. Apply security policies across every device—managed or unmanaged. Duo helps you control access to your applications through flexible policy by restricting access when devices do not meet security requirements such as having an out of date browser or operating system.

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Adaptive Authentication in Action

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Reduce Your Risk of Breaches

The average cost of a phishing attack is $1.1 million—a heavy price for any size organization to pay for failing to protect users from attacks targeting them. Duo’s risk-based adaptive access policies work to prevent costly identity-based attacks with dynamic user authentication and device verification.

Explore Phishing Prevention Solutions

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Create Custom Authentication Policies

Make authentication smarter, not harder. Duo helps you fully customize simple yet powerful authentication policies so users and devices can access the resources they need. Access requirements can be tailored to specific applications based on the sensitivity and criticality of their data.

Learn How to Set Up Access Policies

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Dynamically Respond to Risk

For growing organizations, users logging in from new locations and devices can complicate secure access management. Duo's risk-based authentication policies enable real-time adaptability at login, dynamically adjusting verification requirements to respond to evolving risk. Swiftly deny access or request additional verification to protects your systems and users.

Learn How Risk-Based Authentication Works


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Safely Enable Hybrid Work

Duo’s adaptive access policies allow users to be productive from any location—without compromising security. Single sign-on (SSO), passwordless, risk-based authentication, and device verification enable your workforce to securely access resources and applications, wherever they are.

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Work Toward Zero Trust

A sound zero trust strategy starts with a critical foundation: adaptive access policies. Aligning with the zero trust concept “least privilege,” these policies help ensure that trust is never assumed. 

Discover Zero Trust

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Address Compliance Components

Adaptive authentication and strong MFA from Duo counter phishing and push fatigue while supporting PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST Framework, and other standards for data security. Duo focuses on security fundamentals and best practices so you can easily achieve compliance.

 Learn How Duo Can Help with Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What are adaptive access policies?

Adaptive access policies allow administrators to control user access to applications, files, and other resources based on contextual factors that could change between user application access attempts. Examples of these factors include a user's location, a user's role, the level of trust in their device, and other risk signals.

What are the benefits of adaptive access policies?

Adaptive access policies assess contextual data and enforce access controls in real time to help ensure the right level of access for each user and reduce the risk of unauthorized access and costly breaches. Continually verifying user and device trust at each access request enables safe hybrid work and helps build the foundation of a zero trust security strategy.

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