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Modern MFA For Retail’s Hybrid Workforce

Modern retail organizations are moving data to the cloud while still accessing on-premises applications. This makes multi-factor authentication (MFA) software an important addition to the retail sector’s security strategy. Duo’s strong endpoint security helps protect credentials and helps stop lateral movement. Our MFA works in all settings and also helps keep retail companies Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant... and more!

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Retail professionals staying PCI DSS compliant in ecommerce systems, point of sale systems and more

Go Beyond PCI DSS Compliant

MFA is a key requirement for PCI DSS compliance. Retail orgs are often a target for bad actors because they handle and store a lot of personal data like credit card information. Duo MFA can help your company meet key PCI DSS compliance requirements and reliably protect user data with flexibility, convenience and ease of use. Duo offers a wide variety of authentication methods including push notifications, passwordless, tokens, SMS and callbacks, making it easy to choose the authentication method that is right for your employees. 

Duo's MFA and access control solutions also align with compliance goals under System and Organization Control (SOC) levels 1-3, The FTC's Sarbanes-Oxley Act (including the FTC Safeguards Rule and The Health Breach Notification Rule), GDPR and more!

Effectively Mitigate Risk

Third-Party Vendors

Retail organizations often employ third-party vendors or contractors, but this can create additional security challenges. With Duo MFA, securing your VPN, endpoints and devices is simple — and can prevent fallout from third-party security breaches. Duo’s adaptive access policies help restrict access to applications and data to those who truly need it, providing trusted access to critical systems.

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A person holding a masked identity card representing ransomware risks in retail


Stolen credentials are the number one cause of ransomware attacks. When employee credentials are stolen, an attacker can spread malware and create a potentially costly ransomware infection. Duo’s MFA and Trusted Access Platform use zero trust principles to effectively protect employee, third-party vendor and personal credentials to keep the bad guys out, helping to keep your organization safe from ransomware and other malware risks of all shapes and sizes. 

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La-Z-Boy Doesn’t Sleep on Cybersecurity

La-Z-Boy, a major furniture manufacturer in the United States, needed to protect corporate, manufacturing and retail employees against cybersecurity breaches through a zero trust framework and onboard multi-factor authentication (MFA) for both company-issued and personal devices. Learn why Duo was the perfect fit.

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Room & Board Leverages Duo MFA

Room & Board Uses Cisco Duo for Multi-factor Authentication while delivering optimal user experience. Duo delivers the strong MFA that Room & Board needs without being cumbersome to the user. Providing an exceptional user experience without compromising on security was something Room & Board really wanted in an MFA solution.

Read the Room & Board Case Study

Your Retail Company Deserves the Most User-Friendly Data Security

Go beyond MFA with Duo’s resilient cybersecurity products. Our easy-to-use data security tools help ease the burden of busy IT staff, employees and vendors all while keeping them safe and in compliance.

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Crystal Clear Visibility for Zero Trust in Retail

It should be easy to see all managed and unmanaged devices in your company’s network. Duo’s Device Trust provides an optimal user experience (UX) for IT administrators in the retail sector and helps them find out which devices are accessing your systems. Your workforce may primarily use company-managed computers and phones, or you may operate in a bring your own device (BYOD) environment. Device Trust continuously evaluates the health of each and every endpoint (including personal devices!) before granting access, so retail CISOs can rest assured that every single device that touches sensitive company data will be held to security standards that help prevent malicious access. Continuous trusted access with our Device Trust Products means that devices and users are constantly evaluated behind the scenes to ensure appropriate access. With Trust Monitor, administrators can then analyze trends and see exactly where your company’s device health pain points are — all on a friendly and easy-to-navigate user interface (UI).

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Easy, Comprehensive Access Control for Retail Organizations

Once your organization’s devices and IT have established Device Trust, it’s easy to set and employ contextual policies to enforce permissions with Duo’s Adaptive Access Policies. Access control standards are a key pillar of the zero trust security framework in retail. In an on-premises, hybrid or fully remote retail sector workforce, employees, contractors and third party vendors handle multiple applications. Some applications and data should only be made available to specific people or roles, which is why our adaptive access tools have become key in organizations like yours. With Duo, your administrators can set granular policies based on role, location, device health and many other parameters, so you know that your data is only being handled by the right people.  

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MFA for Retail Compliance and More!

Duo’s MFA product reaches beyond PCI DSS compliance standards because it works in all applications, from standard point-of-sale (POS) systems to customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce and even custom applications like company-specific ledgers and eCommerce admin tools. If complying to standards set by the new FTC Safeguards Rule is on your radar, our tools deploy quickly to help you pass audits with distinction. If your company’s eCommerce or outside sales has a global reach, Duo can facilitate meeting General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and The Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS) rules and regulations thanks to robust access control and endpoint verification capabilities — not to mention global deployment. Thinking about complying with System and Organization Controls (SOC)-level standards or the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) specifications as your organization grows? We’re here to help you meet these standards, too, with tools that work everywhere, integrate seamlessly and, in most cases, start working right out of the box. 

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Remote Access for Modern Retail Organizations 

Our products work in tandem both onsite and off, moving with your company into a modern hybridized workforce model. Whether users are on a shared workstation, iPad or kiosk, Duo can help keep your devices safe by restricting access to applications and providing protection on an individual level — even without a VPN! Our Duo Network Gateway (DNG) is a groundbreaking remote access product that helps facilitate retail employees’ work-from-home or work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Our remote access tools like DNG work with MFA, device trust and your overhead access control and visibility framework so you can replicate a secure on-premises network in any setting. Duo’s remote access replaces friction with flexibility, allowing corporate employees to connect securely from any device, anywhere and to any application — even on a secure shell (SSH), remote desktop (RDP) or VPN!

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