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Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access refers to security solutions that enable a workforce to safely access an organization's applications and resources from outside the corporate network. Leading secure remote access solutions adapt to any tech setup, confirm user identities with MFA, and evaluate each login with device trust—whether your workforce is onsite, remote, or hybrid. By providing simple, trusted access to remote workers, Cisco Duo delivers world-class protection that frustrates attackers, not users.

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Secure Remote Access Even Without a VPN

Ensure seamless remote access for your entire workforce with Duo's secure remote access VPN-less solution. Duo provides accessible security controls for all applications with the Duo Network Gateway, our VPN-less remote access proxy and ensures authorized access to a large variety of your organization's applications. Enjoy streamlined user login, granular permission control and reliable application security with Duo.

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Secure VPN-Less Remote Access for Any Environment

Duo Network Gateway is a secure proxy for on-premise and cloud environments (Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.), ensuring access security across your organization.

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Security Controls for Every Application

The Duo Network Gateway, our secure remote access VPN-less proxy, ensures authorized access to applications. Enjoy streamlined user login, permission control, and reliable application security with Duo.

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Flexible Options

Duo provides flexible options to accommodate your remote access strategy. Deploy a modern remote access solution and add an extra layer of protection to an existing VPN like Cisco AnyConnect, Juniper, Citrix, F5, and more.

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It's Here: Trusted Access For All

Get ahead of the game. Learn what it takes to protect everything that matters in our buyer’s guide. This buyer’s guide arms decision makers with the insight needed to find the one access management solution just as dynamic as the threat landscape they face.

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Hassle-Free Access to Infrastructure for Developers

Duo can help you eliminate bottlenecks by granting fast and secure entry to corporate web apps, SMB, RDP, and SSH servers so you can strengthen security posture without hindering productivity. Discover Duo Remote Access for developers.

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Efficiently Scale VPN Infrastructure with Cisco Duo and Cisco XDR

Streamline VPN infrastructure scalability with Duo and Cisco XDR. Improve business-critical capacity without hassle. Duo seamlessly integrates with Cisco's XDR platform, triggering notifications when VPN load threshold is reached. Simply accept a Duo push and watch new infrastructure spin up to meet demands.

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What is the safest way for remote access?

The safest way for remote access to files, applications, and other corporate resources is through a secure remote access proxy. An effective solution protects and streamlines authentication by enforcing per-app access policies, verifying user identity with MFA, and establishing device trust.

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Is remote access more secure than VPN?

Strong remote access solutions can be more secure than VPNs and even offer advanced protection for VPNs. They enforce zero trust policies, strict access controls, multi-factor authentication, and device checks for enhanced protection that VPNs simply can't match.

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How do I secure my device for remote access?

To secure your devices for remote access, deploy a secure remote access solution that provides visibility into all devices on your network. Identifying risky devices and enforcing adaptive access policies enable you to allow application access to only healthy devices.

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Want to provide modern, secure remote access for employees, contractors, and users throughout your organization? You need Duo.