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Duo Advantage

Give your IT and security teams the upper hand. Get visibility and threat response capabilities with Cisco Identity Intelligence and leverage the identity context to enrich Duo's risk-based authentication policies, while providing the best user experience with Duo Passport.

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Achieve Continuous Identity Security with Duo Advantage

Duo Advantage provides continuous identity security that includes cross-platform identity visibility and threat response capabilities and a seamless access experience that is dynamically informed by risk -- before, during, and after login.

Get all the features of Duo Essentials as well as:

Stay ready for anything

Powered by Cisco Identity Intelligence, Duo Advantage provides multi-vendor visibility across identity sources and assesses identity-related risk using AI. This context then informs Duo's robust policy engine to enforce access control. The solution offers comprehensive visibility into the identity security posture and robust threat detection and response capabilities to mitigate today's identity-based attacks.

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Frustrate attackers, not users

Duo Passport minimizes user fatigue by eliminating repeated authentication prompts when access context remains the same, ensuring security while improving productivity. Duo's risk-based authentication policies dynamically adjusts authentication requirements based on real-time risk signals, such as known attack patterns or changes in location using Duo's patent-pending Wi-Fi Fingerprint technology.

Check your devices’ vital signs

Duo Advantage includes Device Health check policies, which ensure all devices that attempt to access your network or applications are safe and meet your organization’s security requirements. For laptops and desktops, the Duo Desktop application checks and enforces requirements for OS and patch versions, browser and Java versions, as well as the status of security settings such as password, disk encryption, and host firewall. For mobile devices, the Duo Mobile application checks and enforces requirements for OS versions and security settings such as screen lock and jailbroken status.

Get granular with adaptive access

With Duo’s robust adaptive access policies, Duo Advantage administrators can assign and enforce policies either globally, per-application, or per-user group. Admins can also create user groups based on user location, device health, or network.

At-a-glance dashboards & reporting

Duo Advantage admins can access Duo’s full-featured administrator dashboard to more effectively enforce adaptive access policy controls, and gain the visibility needed to identify gaps in compliance. With comprehensive reporting for both cybersecurity compliance and IT audits, Duo’s dashboard helps take the burden off administrative management.

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