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Verify Trust of Any Device

Identify risky devices, enforce contextual access policies, and report on device health using an agentless approach or by integrating with your device management tools.

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How Does Device Trust Work?

Cisco Duo Device Trust works by delivering three key functions to help you reduce risk by verifying trust and enforcing security policies on any device that requests access to corporate applications.

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Gain Device Visibility

Device trust begins when users log in to protected applications. Duo provides complete device visibility into both managed and unmanaged devices. With Duo, you can maintain an inventory of all trusted devices accessing corporate resources, identify at-risk devices, and
gain a deeper understanding of your security environment.

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Assess Device Health Posture

Enforce corporate device health policies, such as checking for OS version and patch level, password and firewall status, AV agent enabled, disk encryption, and management status. While non-compliant devices are blocked at the time of authentication, Duo empowers users with self-remediation to bring devices back into compliance with security policies—and no need to contact IT.

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Continuously Verify Endpoint Trust

Device trust works by following the core principle of zero trust security: “Never trust, always verify.” Duo enables you to define trust for the endpoints accessing Duo-protected resources on your network, whether they’re company-issued and registered or unmanaged and unregistered personal devices, and allow or block access based on policy.

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Device Trust in Action

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Reduced Security Risk

You can't protect what you can't see. Gaining visibility into devices is the first step in establishing device trust, and it’s an essential aspect of a strong zero trust strategy. Duo provides an agentless option to gain visibility into every single device on your network and enforce health checks at each login attempt.

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Complete Device Visibility

Verify device health before granting access to prevent exposing your applications to potential risk. Duo provides detailed information about both corporate and unmanaged (or BYOD) devices, so you can easily spot security risks like out-of-date or jailbroken devices.

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Easy Reporting and Policy Management

Duo provides an application-based approach to help you spot potential risks so you can meet compliance and adjust your access parameters for any situation. With powerful reporting capabilities and an admin-friendly dashboard, Duo makes it easy to monitor your security policies and spot anomalous login activity.

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Agentless Security for BYOD

Secure access to the applications your users need, on the devices they want to use, whether personal or company-issued, from anywhere in the world. Full-time employees, short-term contractors, and vendors alike can all get up and running with Duo quickly and easily, and granular access controls give them role-specific permissions. The Duo Mobile app and Duo Desktop check the hygiene of your users' mobile and desktop devices at every login to make sure they always comply with your access security standards.

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Self-Service Device Updates

With Duo Desktop, Self-Remediation, and the Duo Mobile App's Security Checkup, users can take responsibility for the health of their desktop and mobile devices without help from IT. Get notified when it’s time for a software update, block out-of-date devices from accessing company resources, and ease device management demands on IT.

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Explore Duo’s Access Management Solutions

Get more information about Duo’s tailored access editions. Essentials for strong MFA and single sign-on (SSO), Advantage for device health and adaptive control, or Premier for complete zero trust access. Secure, user-friendly and cost-effective.

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What Does Device Trust Mean?

Device trust is the process of verifying that a device is secure before allowing it to connect to a network or its resources. To establish device trust, Duo assesses the device’s health, then enforces application-specific security policies to authorize access. Verifying device trust is important in hybrid and remote workforces to prevent unauthorized or compromised devices from accessing corporate networks and exposing them to threats.

Want to provide a modern, secure device trust strategy for employees, contractors, and users, no matter where they reside in your organization? You need Duo.