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How Cyber Insurance Can Be a Lifeline in Today’s Evolving Threat Landscape

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How cyber insurance works
  • How you can qualify for cyber insurance
  • Which requirements may affect your rate
  • What insurers look for when evaluating an organization
  • How an evolving threat landscape can bring new challenges to the industry

The cybersecurity landscape is rife with new and emerging threats. Phishing attempts, ransomware, and stolen credentials are still as common as ever, and with the rise in remote work, new security challenges have also been added to that list.

Since 2020, cyber incidents have risen by 35%. And according to a 2021 report by IBM, they’ve cost businesses an average of $4.24 million, the highest average total cost in 17 years.

All of this is pushing organizations to consider cyber insurance. Once viewed as something of a luxury, it’s rapidly becoming a necessity. This need has brought many questions to the forefront, including:

  1. How much cyber insurance should I buy?
  2. How can I get the best coverage and rate?
  3. What security practices do I need to put in place to qualify?

In this guide, “Cyber Insurance: What You Need to Know,” we’ll provide some answers to those questions in an effort to help you make the best buying decision. Download the guide and get started with a cyber insurance policy that can help keep your organization protected against the unpredictable.

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