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You deserve an A+ MFA

What we did back in the day isn’t enough today. Bad actors challenge your perimeter in new ways, requiring a more rigorous response. Cisco Duo has kept up with the times, because your business can’t afford to fall behind.

Person logging in on a mobile device using Duo MFA.
Person on a mobile device with security icons.

What is Phishing-resistant MFA?

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) calls it the gold standard for MFA. Phishing-resistant MFA relies on credentials that attackers cannot trick you into sharing. Typically, this is something innate to you – like a fingerprint – and something in your possession – like your smartphone. Duo utilizes FIDO2 authentication methods to eliminate the need for a password, making it easier and more secure for your employees to access corporate applications.

Learn about Duo’s approach to phishing-resistant MFA

Image of Duo MFA verification screens.

Push back against push attacks

MFA fatigue—your users feel it, and attackers are ready to exploit it. Verified Duo Push protects against push attacks by requiring users to enter a verification code while approving a Duo push authentication request, so users can’t accidentally grant access with a misplaced click. Duo then directs users to a fraud report option to help your IT team chase down the threat.

That’s just one of many tools at your disposal:

  • Risk-based remembered devices
  • Risk-based factor selection
  • Trusted endpoints
  • Device health verification
  • SAML and WebAuthn protocols

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MFA meets DIY

With Duo, users can enroll themselves and choose their preferred authentication methods. The Duo Self-Service Portal makes it easy to upgrade a device, add multiple devices to a user’s profile, and remove devices. Users can edit preferences at any login prompt.

Single Sign-On, many benefits

On top of making it much easier to login, funneling your people into Duo’s cloud-based SSO ensures they’ll be using the strongest MFA. Developers and administrators also benefit from multiple SSO integrations, including SAML v2.0 and support for OpenID Connect and AWS Verified Access.

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