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Future proof your identity perimeter

Move towards a passwordless future with Duo’s Continuous Identity Security, stopping sophisticated identity attacks and ensuring a seamless authentication experience for every member of your team.

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You’re only as strong as your weakest login

Compared to hacking in, it’s much easier for bad actors to bypass weaker forms of authentication like one-time passcodes, SMS, and even app-based push notifications. Recent high-profile breaches underscore the urgent need for robust MFA protection that stays several steps ahead of the threats.

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Cross-platform identity visibility, detection, and response 

Traditional IAM (Identity & Access Management) solutions only have visibility into their own identity infrastructure. Continuous Identity Security leverages data from your organization’s entire identity ecosystem to inform posture, detection, and response decisions.

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High-signal identity context in real-time 

Continuous Identity Security is laser-focused on identity data. This means powerful insights with reduced noise and low latency – which can then be used to enrich and inform security controls.

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Robust security, fewer headaches

As a duct tape solution for identity security, users are asked repeatedly to prove their trustworthiness by logging in — a cumbersome and frustrating experience.  After the first secure authentication, Continuous Identity Security dynamically assesses risk to stay out of the way in trusted scenarios or react accordingly in suspicious ones. 

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Looking beyond login

Continuous Identity Security uses sophisticated AI to analyze device and identity context before, during, and after every authentication – then uses this continuous evaluation to invoke the right control at the right time.

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Secure your organization against identity-based attacks

As organizations put up stronger defenses around their sensitive resources, attackers find new ways to get around them. That means our security solutions must continue to evolve faster than attackers’ tactics.

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