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The Total Economic Impact of Cisco Duo

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studies evaluate key financial data points like return on investment (ROI) and net present value (NPV) to draw conclusions on a product’s true cost and value for a business. Forrester’s study will dive into the real dollar-valued benefits of integrating Cisco Duo and explore the long-term qualitative ROI as well. Download the study to discover Forrester’s aggregated TEI findings on Duo, such as:

  • The quantified risk-savings value resulting from a Duo Security integration
  • The valuation of Duo’s helpdesk time savings in a composite organization
  • The estimated total costs, from Cisco's fees to internal deployment effort cost
  • A three-year breakdown of Duo’s NPV in a composite organization, including the estimated payback timeline
  • An in-depth breakdown of what a Duo customer’s journey might look like
  • Many more facts, key assumptions and qualitative figures to help you evaluate an investment in Duo’s expansive security tools

Can Duo Save an Organization Money? How much?

Is Duo’s world class multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO) and authenticator app product right for you? Read the study to find out what your ROI might look like both short- and long-term. Fill out the form above to download Forrester’s TEI study on Cisco Duo for free!

View our Forrester TEI infographic for an overview