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A Word From the Decipher Editors

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Newcomers to security often don't know where to begin, and industry veterans need information that goes beyond the initial news to understand the implications of a story and how it afftects them. With Decipher, we plan to provide practical insights into security news, analysis, features, and educational content to help make security knowledge more accessible for everyone.

Context is an important part of every story, and that's especially true in security. Vulnerabilities, breaches, and attacks are everyday occurances and the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming. Separating the signal from the noise can be a daunting task and so we want to provide the context, expert commentary, and big-picture views to help security teams, IT organizations, and individual users make better security decisions. We are here to inform and educate, not to speculate.

Decipher is built from the ground-up as an independent media platform focused on telling stories that highlight trustworthy voices. We're going to provide a mix of original reporting and narrated pieces. While we will do the legwork and put together in-depth analysis, sometimes it makes more sense to get out of the way and let the experts tell us in their own voices. We are going to be looking at every story and thinking about who it is meant for and whether the information we provide will help them make informed decisions about their security. We assume that people want smart content, and that is where our focus will be. Many don't think they need to think about security--or don't have the time to do so. We are going to reach out to them differently.

We are aiming for a broad audience, including technically knowledgeable consumers, IT professionals, security professionals, and enterprise executives involved in the security decision-making process. We also want to provide newcomers with a sense of just how far the industry has come over the past two decades and show how that past has influenced the present. Who are some of the players that helped shape how vulnerabilities are disclosed? Why do some of the older hacking crews have such weird names? Just because we are focused on the present doesn't mean we shouldn't also be documenting the past.

Before we launched, we adopted a phrase to describe our mission: Security without fear. This phrase encapsulates one of the core tenets of Decipher. We want to be a trusted partner for our audience, and remove some of the initimidating elements that can prevent people from getting involved in security. Sure, security can be difficult, but it shouldn't be indecipherable.

Decipher is here for you.