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Linux Botnet Targets Weak SSH Server Credentials

A new botnet targets weak SSH server credentials, but its limited DDoS capabilities and "curious changes" leave researchers questioning its motivations.

Botnet, Mirai

Slack Reset Some Users’ Passwords Due to Bug in Invite Links

Slack has automatically reset the passwords of a small number of users after discovering a bug in invitation links that sent hashed passwords to other users.


Decipher Podcast: Source Code 8/5

Welcome back to Source Code, Decipher's weekly security news podcast with input from our sources.

Podcast, Source Code

Meta: Bitter APT Espionage Attack Leveraged Apple’s TestFlight Service

Meta said it took down the accounts linked to the APT attacks, blocked their domain infrastructure from being shared on its services and notified victims.


F5 Patches Serious Flaws in BIG-IP

F5 has patched more than 20 vulnerabilities in BIG-IP, including one that an attacker could use to take complete control of a target appliance.


NVIDIA Fixes High-Severity Flaws in Graphics Drivers For Windows, Linux

The flaws could lead to denial-of-service attacks, information disclosure, privilege escalation, and in some cases, code execution.

Nvidia, Vulnerability

VMware Warns of Critical Authentication Bypass Flaw

VMware said it has not observed exploitation of the vulnerability in the wild.


Firefox 103 Fixes Serious Memory Safety Flaws

Firefox 103 fixes a number of security vulnerabilities, including several memory safety flaws.

Mozilla, Firefox

Manjusaka Attack Framework Primed For Cybercriminal Adoption

The attack framework's C2 is freely available and its implants contain various credential theft capabilities.


Qakbot Attack Uses Email Threads Hijacked From ProxyLogon Compromises

The Qakbot emails show the long tail of exploitation efforts against the Microsoft ProxyLogon flaw.

Malware, Email

Decipher Podcast: Source Code 7/29

Welcome to Source Code: Decipher's behind-the-scenes look at the weekly news with input from our sources.

Source Code, Podcast

Samba Fixes Serious Password-Reset Flaws

Samba has fixed several bugs, including two serious password-reset flaws, one of which could allow a user to take complete control of the domain.


Atlassian Confluence Hardcoded Credentials Bug Actively Exploited

Researchers urged impacted organizations to “take steps immediately to mitigate the vulnerability" in Atlassian's Confluence Server and Data Center.


Decipher Podcast: Sean Zadig

Sean Zadig, CISO of Yahoo and head of the Paranoids, talks with Dennis Fisher about his start in the security field, protecting a massive user base, and thinking about security critically.


North Korean Attackers Use Malicious Browser Extension to Steal Email

The Kimsuky threat group based in North Korea is using a malicious browser extension to steal email from active user sessions in Chrome and Edge.

North Korea