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QNAP Warns of Deadbolt Ransomware Targeting NAS Devices

QNAP is urging customers to remove NAS devices from the Internet amid a new wave of Deadbolt ransomware intrusions.


DoJ: Venezuelan Doctor Behind Thanos Ransomware Builder

A 55-year-old Venezuelan cardiologist is allegedly behind the Jigsaw v.2 ransomware and the Thanos builder.


White House Adds Three Key Cybersecurity Officials

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis has added three officials to his team, including Kemba Eneas Walden, Rob Knake, and Neal Higgins.

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U.S. Offers $15M in Rewards for Conti Ransomware Group Information

The U.S. government is offering monetary rewards for information about Conti's leaders, affiliates and operators.


Behind the Rapidly Shifting Ransomware Ecosystem

Many of the top ransomware groups in 2021 have disappeared, while several new groups have emerged with high levels of activity.