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CISA, FBI Warn of Continued BlackCat Ransomware Activity

The BlackCat ransomware group is continuing to target health care organizations and hospitals two months after the FBI disrupted some of the group's operations.


Challenges Remain in Evaluating Ransomware Crackdowns

While law enforcement disruptions certainly have a positive impact, there are deep-rooted difficulties in measuring substantial long-term changes.


Europol, FBI Announce LockBit Ransomware Crackdown

The breadth of the takedown itself is multifaceted and impacts everything from LockBit’s infrastructure backbone to members’ ability to access cryptocurrency accounts linked to the ransomware group.


Ransomware Payments Hit $1.1B Record in 2023

With ransomware payments hitting an all-time high in 2023, CISOs “need to concentrate on making their organizations a hard target.”


Decryptor Issued For Babuk Tortilla Ransomware Variant

Cisco Talos researchers also said that Dutch law enforcement has identified and apprehended the threat actor behind Babuk Tortilla operations.