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International Cooperation Key to Ransomware Fight

Top cybersecurity officials from the U.S., U.K., and other allies say international cooperation among intelligence and law enforcement agencies has been a key factor in successful operations against ransomware groups.

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Ransomware Groups Use New AuKill Tool to Slip Under the Radar

Ransomware actors are utilizing a tool that abuses an out-of-date Windows driver in order to kill security software.

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Play Ransomware Attacks Utilize New Custom Tools

More ransomware groups are developing custom tools for data exfiltration, to deploy second-stage malware and more.

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LockBit Ransomware Variant Targets MacOS

LockBit’s macOS ransomware version is in active development and currently poses no risk to Mac users, but security researchers are concerned about future ransomware threats to the macOS landscape.

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Microsoft and Partners Move to Disrupt Use of Cracked Cobalt Strike Copies

Microsoft, Fortra, and the Health-ISAC have obtained a court order to disrupt the use of cracked copies of Cobalt Strike, which are often used in ransomware intrusions.

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