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Law Enforcement Disrupts BlackCat Ransomware Operation

In addition to creating the decryption tool, law enforcement agencies have also gained visibility into the ransomware group’s network and have seized several attacker-operated websites.


U.S., Australian Government Agencies Warn of Play Ransomware Attacks

A new advisory from U.S. and Australian government agencies warns that the Play ransomware group has successfully infected at least 300 organizations since its emergence in June 2022, including critical infrastructure entities.


Lace Tempest Seen Exploiting SysAid Zero Day

A path traversal zero day (CVE-2023-47246) in the SysAid on-premises product is under active attack by the ace Tempest threat group.

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U.S., European Authorities Disrupt Ragnar Locker Ransomware Operation

Law enforcement agencies from Europe and the U.S. seized the infrastructure and arrested alleged members of the Ragnar Locker ransomware gang this week.


‘Marriages of Convenience’ Between State Actors and Cybercriminals Provide Cover for Both

U.S. authorities warn that cooperative efforts between state-sponsored actors and cybercrime groups make life more difficult for defenders and law enforcement.

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