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‘We Have to Change the Decision Calculus’ to Stop Ransomware

Ransomware groups such as REvil have take some hits recently, but the broader landscape has continued to expand and experts say defenders need to change their thinking in order to address the problem.

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U.S. Indicts Two Alleged REvil Operators, Seizes $6 Million in Payments

The Justice Department indicted a Russian and a Ukrainian in connection with REvil ransomware operations, including the attack on Kaseya.


U.S. Gov Offers $10M Bounty for DarkSide Ransomware Leaders

The U.S. government is upping its efforts to track down members of the DarkSide cybercrime group, which was behind the May ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

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Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers Hit With Babuk Ransomware

An emerging threat called Tortilla has been exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft (MS) Exchange servers hit with Babuk ransomware.

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BlackMatter Ransomware Group Claim It’s Shutting Down

The BlackMatter ransomware group says it is closing up shop after pressure from authorities and the disappearance of some members.