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Decipher is an independent editorial site that takes a practical approach to covering information security. Decipher stories analyze the news, explore the impact of the latest risks, and provide informative and educational material for readers intent on understanding how security affects our world. Decipher deconstructs security through various forms, including features and shorter articles, podcasts and video, as well as graphics and interactive content.

Decipher amplifies the voices of those who look at security through the prism of how it affects victims, and seeks out trusted, pragmatic, voices that focus on security impact over hype. It isn’t about the coolest exploit, the scariest vulnerability, or the largest breach. Decipher provides context, information, and analysis, not to point fingers or lay blame. We are here to inform and educate, not to speculate.

Decipher is brought to you by Duo Security but the editors maintain full control over its editorial direction, what stories to pursue, and how to cover them. Online journalism is evolving, and we believe a company can support the efforts of independent media. From the first moment we started talking about a security-focused site, Duo leadership has embraced Decipher’s editorial independence. Duo Security experts will contribute to Decipher, but will weigh in as trusted security experts with insights and research relevant to the industry. At Decipher, we are committed to expanding security knowledge for all, making everyone safer.

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Our goal for Decipher is to become your definitive resource for security information and education. We look forward to being your trusted source for security news, without hype or hyperbole. Questions, concerns, or suggestions? Reach out to individual editors or send to