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Prices for Attack Tools on Dark Web Forums Remain Stagnant

Flashpoint analysts look at Dark Web marketplaces and see that prices have not changed all that much in two years.


The Dark Web is Small, Criminal Threats Are Not

While it’s intriguing that the Dark Web may be smaller than perceived, it was never the biggest threat to enterprises.

Cybercrime, Dark Web

BEC Scams Cost $1.2 Billion in 2018

BEC scams continue to rise and accounted for $1.2 billion in losses in 2018. The good news is that the FBI was able to work with banks to recover some of the funds.


Marketplace Sells Digital Fingerprints for Credit Card Fraud

Criminals can buy digital fingerprints such as user behavior, cookies, and device information on the Genesis marketplace to fool banks' anti-fraud systems and conduct credit card fraud.

Fraud, Identity Theft, Cybercrime

Magecart Targets Advertising Supply Chain in New Attack

Magecart Group 12 was able to compromise a French online advertising provider to spread a skimmer to hundreds of victim sites.