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FBI Takes Down Genesis Market

U.S. law enforcement authorities have taken down the Genesis Market darknet marketplace, which sold stolen data and initial access.

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Q&A: Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner recently joined Dennis Fisher on the Decipher podcast to talk about the hacking and security aspects of her new novel, Heat 2.

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Cybercrime Group TA558 Ramps Up Email Attacks Against Hotels

The small cybercrime actor is upping its operational tempo in 2022 against hospitality organizations like hotels and travel companies.


Manjusaka Attack Framework Primed For Cybercriminal Adoption

The attack framework's C2 is freely available and its implants contain various credential theft capabilities.


Iran-Linked Threat Group Targeted U.S. Orgs in Financially Motivated Attacks

A local government and philanthropic company have been targeted by the known Cobalt Mirage Iran-linked threat group in recent months.