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Evil Corp Affiliates Deploy LockBit Ransomware to Sidestep Sanctions

A threat cluster with significant overlap to the Evil Corp cybercriminal gang has started deploying the LockBit ransomware in an effort to evade U.S. sanctions.

Ransomware, Lockbit

CISA Warns of Karakurt Extortion Group

The Karakurt data extortion group is stealing sensitive information from enterprises and holding it for ransom, CISA warns.

Ransomware, Cisa

Enterprise Ransomware Attacks Are Getting Faster

The average ransomware attack duration - from the initial access to the deployment of the ransomware payload at scale - was under four days in 2021.


Ransomware Safe Havens, Reporting Inconsistencies Trouble Authorities

Despite the U.S. government adopting many recommendations by the Ransomware Task Force in combating ransomware, authorities still grapple with several challenges that enable the ransomware ecosystem to thrive.

Ransomware, Ransomware Task Force

QNAP Warns of Deadbolt Ransomware Targeting NAS Devices

QNAP is urging customers to remove NAS devices from the Internet amid a new wave of Deadbolt ransomware intrusions.