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IceApple Post-Exploitation Framework Deployed on Exchange Servers

Researchers have discovered a sophisticated post-exploitation framework being deployed on Microsoft Exchange servers to assist threat actors with credential harvesting and local reconnaissance.

Malware, Microsoft

After Microsoft Macro Malware Crackdown, Attackers Explore New Options

After Microsoft started blocking macros obtained from the internet by default, email attackers are exploring alternative techniques to distribute Emotet, Qakbot, IcedID and other payloads.

Malware, Microsoft

New Malware Framework Distributed Via Pay-Per-Install Service

The malware framework contains a loader, dropper and a remote access trojan with its own network communication protocol.


New Bumblebee Malware Loader in Active Development

Researchers speculate that the emerging loader is a replacement for the BazaLoader malware.


Emotet ‘Test’ Campaign Leverages OneDrive, XLL Files

A recent Emotet campaign with significant TTP changes reveal that attackers may be moving away from macros-based attacks given Microsoft’s recent plans to block VBA macros by default.

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