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Attackers Deploy New IcedID Variant

Two threat groups have been identified deploying a new variant of the IcedID malware, which often is seen in conjunction with Emotet.


LNK Files Link Bumblebee With Qakbot, IcedID Malware

By looking at metadata in LNK files in recent campaigns, Talos researchers have linked the Bumblebee malware with the Qakbot and IcedID malware groups.


New Chinese Cyberespionage Campaign Targets Asia, US

A newly discovered cyber espionage campaign from a Chinese threat actor is targeting Asian and US organizations with self-replicating malware called MISTCLOAK.


LodaRAT Malware Evolves With New Functionalities

New variants of the RAT reveal added functionalities and deployment alongside other malware families.


Stealthy BatLoader Malware Seen in Dozens of Attacks

VMware researchers said the malware has appeared in at least 43 infections that have primarily targeted business services, financial services, manufacturing and education organizations.