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New Malware Variant Deployed in ScreenConnect Flaw Exploits

“The list of threat actors utilizing the ScreenConnect vulnerability CVE-2024-1709 for initial access is growing," researchers say.


U.S. Organizations Targeted in Bumblebee Malware Campaign

The campaign uses a slightly modified attack chain for Bumblebee and marks the return of the malware after a four-month absence from the threat landscape.


Lazarus Group Log4j Attacks Spread New Malware Families

The campaign indicates a “definitive shift” in the threat group’s tactics as it continues to rely on non-traditional technologies and frameworks for developing its malware.

Malware, Lazarus

Stealthy Malware Leverages MQTT Protocol in Spam Campaigns

Researchers observed thousands of spam emails delivering the WailingCrab malware that were sent to targets in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Spam, Malware

New Gootloader Malware Variant Harder to Detect, Block

Researchers with IBM X-Force recently observed the new Gootloader variant being used for lateral movement, marking a significant change in the malware’s post-infection tactics.

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