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DBatLoader Leverages OneDrive to Deliver Commodity Malware

The malware loader was recently observed in almost two dozen email campaigns that appeared to target English speakers and involved lures related to shipping orders and billing, invoice and purchase requests or inquiries.


CISA Warns of Spike in TrueBot Malware Attacks

CISA warned of an increase in TrueBot malware attacks that exploit a known remote code execution flaw in the Netwrix Auditor application.


Conti and Trickbot Crypters Bring Clarity to Complex Threat Landscape

Researchers say that crypters previously attributed to the Trickbot/Conti syndicate are “fundamental” to tracking cybercrime factions.

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Custom Malware Targets RDP to Exfiltrate Sensitive Data

The malware, which has been used in an espionage attack since 2022, includes a capability that specifically targets the client drive mapping feature within Remote Desktop Protocol.

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Qakbot Ducks for Cover With New Tactics

The Qakbot malware operators have shifted tactics again to adapt to changes in defenses.

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