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New Starry Addax Threat Actor Targets Victims With Android Malware

A newly identified threat group known as Starry Addax is targeting human rights activists and others in western Africa with novel Android malware called FlexStarling.


New Malware Emerges With IcedID Links

Researchers believe that the new malware, likely created by IcedID developers, will become increasingly used by threat actors across the landscape.


New AcidPour Wiper Malware Found in Ukraine

SentinelLabs researchers have discovered a new wiper malware called AcidPour in Ukraine, which appears to be a new version of the AcidRain malware.

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New Malware Variant Deployed in ScreenConnect Flaw Exploits

“The list of threat actors utilizing the ScreenConnect vulnerability CVE-2024-1709 for initial access is growing," researchers say.


U.S. Organizations Targeted in Bumblebee Malware Campaign

The campaign uses a slightly modified attack chain for Bumblebee and marks the return of the malware after a four-month absence from the threat landscape.