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Threat Actors Add Complexity to DLL Sideloading Attacks

A recent APT campaign shows how threat actors are adding complexity to the decade-old attack.

Cyberattack, Malware

NodeStealer Malware Targets Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Credentials

The new malware was found stealing saved usernames and passwords in browsers in order to compromise business Gmail, Outlook and Facebook accounts.

Meta, Facebook, Outlook, Malware

Google Disrupts Massive CryptBot Malware Operation

A new court order allows Google to take down current and future domains tied to the distribution of the CryptBot infostealer.


Mirai Botnet Attackers Exploit TP-Link Router Bug

Researchers began to detect exploit attempts in the wild targeting the patched, high-severity flaw in TP-Link routers starting on April 11.

Mirai, Malware, Exploit

Ransomware Groups Use New AuKill Tool to Slip Under the Radar

Ransomware actors are utilizing a tool that abuses an out-of-date Windows driver in order to kill security software.

Malware, Ransomware