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New CosmicEnergy Operational Technology Malware Found

The discovery of CosmicEnergy is unique because malware families targeting industrial control systems are rarely disclosed.


Malicious NPM Packages Hid TurkoRat Infostealer

Researchers said that it "is difficult to measure" the potential long-term impact of TurkoRat infections on developer systems.

Npm Packages, Malware

FBI Disrupts Turla Espionage Malware Network

While Operation Medusa disrupts long standing espionage efforts by Turla, security researchers say that its effects will only be temporary.


Threat Actors Add Complexity to DLL Sideloading Attacks

A recent APT campaign shows how threat actors are adding complexity to the decade-old attack.

Cyberattack, Malware

NodeStealer Malware Targets Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Credentials

The new malware was found stealing saved usernames and passwords in browsers in order to compromise business Gmail, Outlook and Facebook accounts.

Meta, Facebook, Outlook, Malware