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Custom Malware Targets RDP to Exfiltrate Sensitive Data

The malware, which has been used in an espionage attack since 2022, includes a capability that specifically targets the client drive mapping feature within Remote Desktop Protocol.

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RDP Is Still Vulnerable, Remains Popular Target

Recent ESET research shows a staggering increase in the number of attacks against Remote Desktop Protocol in 2020--a clear sign of how effective the method is when breaching networks and compromising machines.


Microsoft’s RDP Patch Isn’t a Complete Fix

Microsoft's February security update fixes the vulnerability that can result in reverse RDP attacks in the built-in Windows RDP client, but third-party RDP clients are still vulnerable, Check Point said.

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RDP Drawing Unwanted Attention

The shift to remote work has caused a spike in the number of RDP servers exposed to the Internet, along with an increase in the number of scans for those servers.

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Microsoft Mines Events Logs for RDP Brute-Force Attacks

Microsoft looked at Windows Events Log to understand what RDP brute-force attacks looked like in the enterprise, and found that attackers frequently space out the login attempts over several days to avoid detection.

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