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Microsoft Delays Release of Controversial Recall Feature

The release of the Recall feature in Copilot Plus PCs will now be delayed on the heels of backlash from the security and privacy communities.


Decipher Podcast: The Microsoft Recall Recall

A few days after Microsoft announced the new AI-enabled Recall feature--generating tremendous concerns and pushback from the security and privacy communities--the company had decided to disable it by default, but many concerns still remain. A month after the company's CEO proclaimed that it would be "prioritizing security above all else", how did this happen?

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After Backlash, Microsoft Recall Will be Disabled by Default

Microsoft said the controversial Copilot Plus PC Recall feature will no longer be enabled by default after backlash from security and privacy experts.


Researchers Warn of Potential Abuse of Azure Service Tags

Tenable researchers discovered a technique for abusing Azure service tags to bypass firewall rules and Microsoft has issued new guidance for customers.

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Russian Group Forest Blizzard Deploying GooseEgg Tool to Exploit CVE-2022-38028

A Russian threat group known as Forest Blizzard has been using a custom tool called GooseEgg to exploit a Windows Print Spooler (CVE-2022-38028) for several years.

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