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North Korean Threat Actors Target Small Businesses With Ransomware

The H0lyGh0st ransomware group has spent the last year targeting small and medium-sized businesses - but has not yet successfully extorted ransom payments from victims, said Microsoft researchers.

Microsoft, North Korea

Microsoft Fixes Windows Flaw Under Active Attack

Microsoft fixed the flaw as part of its regularly-scheduled update, which includes over 80 critical and important-severity bugs.


Microsoft Exposes Phishing Campaign That Stole Session Cookies to Bypass MFA

Microsoft has identified a long, widespread phishing campaign that stole session cookies to bypass MFA and led to BEC and payment fraud.

Phishing, Microsoft

Microsoft Rolls Back Strategy to Block Office Macros By Default

Security researchers say the choice by Microsoft to re-enable Office macros by default is "puzzling."

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Black Basta Ransomware Actors Take Aim at PrintNightmare Flaw

Threat actors deploying the Black Basta ransomware have exploited the Microsoft PrintNightmare bug as part of their attacks.

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