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Microsoft Windows Update Fixes Known, Actively Exploited Flaw

Microsoft issued a patch for the Follina vulnerability, which was first disclosed in May and has been under active exploitation by attackers.


Exploits Target Zero Day in Windows and Office

A zero day flaw (CVE-2022-30190) in Windows and Office is under active attack and MIcrosoft has not issued a patch yet.


IceApple Post-Exploitation Framework Deployed on Exchange Servers

Researchers have discovered a sophisticated post-exploitation framework being deployed on Microsoft Exchange servers to assist threat actors with credential harvesting and local reconnaissance.

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After Microsoft Macro Malware Crackdown, Attackers Explore New Options

After Microsoft started blocking macros obtained from the internet by default, email attackers are exploring alternative techniques to distribute Emotet, Qakbot, IcedID and other payloads.

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Microsoft Uncovers ‘Nimbuspwn’ Flaws in Linux Service

Microsoft researchers found a group of vulnerabilities dubbed Nimbuspwn in a Linux service named networkd-dispatcher that can lead to root privileges.

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