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Russian COLDRIVER Group Uses New Backdoor to Target Governments

The Russian APT known as COLDRIVER is using a new backdoor called SPICA in phishing campaigns against NGOs and governments.

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Microsoft Warns of Teams-Based Phishing Campaign

Microsoft is warning enterprises about a recent Teams-based phishing campaign operated by a developing thrat group known as Storm-0342.

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W3LL Phishing Kit Targets Microsoft 365 Accounts

A threat group, active for six years, has created an underground marketplace where it sells at least 16 custom tools and an advanced phishing kit to a clientele of at least 500 threat actors.


Threat Actors Target Executives in EvilProxy-Powered Phishing Attacks

Attackers sent 120,000 phishing emails to over 100 organizations worldwide between March and June.

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Russian Threat Actor Leverages Microsoft Teams in Phishing Attacks

Researchers with Microsoft on Wednesday said that the threat actor has used a “highly targeted” social engineering attack to hit 40 global organizations.

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