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New BEC Campaign Targets Financial Companies

A newly identified phishing and BEC campaign is targeting banks and financial organizations and began with the compromise of a trusted vendor.

Bec, Phishing

Greatness Phishing Service Targets Microsoft 365 Users

A new phishing service called Greatness is targeting Office 365 organizations in the U.S. and elsewhere.


Researchers Warn of Uptick in Qakbot Malware Attacks

Researchers warn of a "significant increase" in emails aiming to deliver the Qakbot malware.

Banking Malware, Phishing

New Attack Group Focuses on Asian Medical and Shipping Companies

A newly identified attack group known as Hydrochasma has targted medical and shipping companies in Asia with spear phishing campaigns that use freely available tools.


Threat Actors Find Success in Callback Phishing Attacks

Researchers warn that a stealthy callback phishing attack has been targeting the legal and retail sectors with the end goal of stealing data for extortion.