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Decipher Podcast: Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Aquia and a Cyber Innovation Fellow at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about the challenges of supply chain security, working with the government to address systemic issues, and the importance of collaboration.

Podcast, Government, CISA

Decipher Podcast: Metin Kortak

Metin Kortak, CISO with Rhymetec, talks about how organizations are approaching data privacy and security compliance, and thinking about risk management policies, when it comes to generative AI in the workplace.

AI, Podcast

Deciphering Heat

Michael Mann's 1995 thriller Heat is considered by many people to be the best crime movie ever made. And hidden inside the intricate plot is a story of a lone hacker with a background at DARPA who uses his skills to set up scores for the crews in LA's underworld. Meg Gardiner, the co-author of Heat 2, and Casey Ellis, cofounder of Bugcrowd, join Dennis Fisher to dig into the technological and psychological details of this modern masterpiece. This is Deciphering Heat.

Podcast, Hacker Movies

Decipher Podcast: Amy Bogac

Amy Bogac, a longtime security executive with a depp background in systems administration and networking, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about how she came to security, how her background in communications informed her career choices, and the difficult conversations that need to occur before someone has to push the button during an incident.


Decipher Podcast: The Microsoft Recall Recall

A few days after Microsoft announced the new AI-enabled Recall feature--generating tremendous concerns and pushback from the security and privacy communities--the company had decided to disable it by default, but many concerns still remain. A month after the company's CEO proclaimed that it would be "prioritizing security above all else", how did this happen?

Podcast, Microsoft