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Decipher Podcast: Cody Stokes

Cody Stokes, a security leader at Procellis Technology, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about his time in the Marine Corps, the challenges of breaking into the cybersecurity field, and the fulfillment he gets from helping to protect users.


Decipher Podcast: Rick Gordon

Rick Gordon of Tidal Cyber joins Dennis Fisher to discuss his path from the US Naval Academy to submarine officer to Wall Street and finally to the cybersecurity industry, where he's worked for the last 25 years. Dennis and Rick also talk about the importance of the community aspect of cybersecurity and why it's vital to the collective defense.


Decipher Podcast: Dan Lorenc Returns

Dan Lorenc, co-founder and CEO of Chainguard, joins Dennis Fisher to dig into the recent XZ Utils backdoor incident, the implications for the open source ecosystem, and what can be done to avoid similar incidents in the future. Then they discuss the problems facing NIST's National Vulnerability Database and the CVE ecosystem.


Decipher Podcast: Jack Cable

Jack Cable, senior technical advisor at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), talks about his past experiences with bug bounty programs, CISA’s Secure By Design initiative and its efforts to help secure the open-source software ecosystem.


Decipher Podcast: Brian Donohue on the 2024 Threat Detection Report

Brian Donohue of Red Canary joins Dennis Fisher to talk about some of the surprising findings from the company's new 2024 Threat Detection Report, including why identity based attacks continue to work so well and how attackers are approaching the shift to the cloud.