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Decipher Podcast: Chris Wysopal Returns

Chris Wysopal, CTO and founder of Veracode, joins Dennis Fisher to dive into the new White House National Cybersecurity Strategy and discuss what's missing, how practical the pillars are, and when these ideas may be implemented.


Decipher Podcast: Courtney Nash Returns

Courtney Nash joins Dennis Fisher to talk about the 2022 VOID Report on incidents, why mean time to resolve is no longer a meaningful metric, whether the duration of an incident matters, and how organizations can get better at responding to an analyzing incidents.


Decipher Podcast: Andrew Morris Returns

Andrew Morris, the founder and CEO of GreyNoise, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about software liability, the evolution of the security industry, and why we're not getting better at securing our systems.


Decipher Podcast: Michelle Finneran Dennedy

Michelle Finneran Dennedy, co-founder of Privacy Code and co-author of The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about her new startup, her path from studying psychology to becoming the first chief privacy officer at Sun and Cisco, and what everyone gets wrong about privacy.

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Decipher Podcast: Chris Eng on the State of Software Security

Chris Eng, chief research officer at Veracode, joins Dennis Fisher to discuss the company's new State of Software Security report, whether we're getting better at fixing bugs, and the fragility of open source projects an the software supply chain.