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The Emerging Ecosystem Dedicated to AI Accountability

A new ecosystem of security researchers is emerging, looking to sniff out data security and privacy issues in AI systems and grappling with issues like a lack of transparency into and understanding of LLMs.


AI Security ‘Is a Software Problem’

Securing AI systems and LLMs seems like a daunting task, but experts say the same principles that apply to software security can be used to build safe AI systems.

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Proposed Bill Focuses on Voluntary AI Security Incident Reporting

A newly proposed bill aims to set up databases and processes for voluntary sharing of security incidents related to, and vulnerabilities in, AI systems.


‘Uncharted Territory:’ Companies Devise AI Security Policies

Businesses have been preparing security policies for generative AI in the workplace, but many executives say that they still don’t fully understand the security implications of AI.


DHS Releases AI Security Guidance for Critical Infrastructure

The DHS guidelines outline how critical infrastructure entities can best be secured against the various risks associated with AI.