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Decipher Podcast: Kymberlee Price

Kymberlee Price, co-founder of Zatik, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about her experience running security response programs at Microsoft, BlackBerry, and other companies, and how the changing security landscape helped lead her to start her own company.


Memory Safe: Michelle Finneran Dennedy

In the premier episode of Memory Safe, our new podcast and video series, Dennis Fisher talks with Michelle Finneran Dennedy, founder and CEO of Privacy Code, former CPO of Sun Microsystems and Cisco, and all around great person, about her early interest in technology, the influence of her father on her career, and why she's still doing security after all this time.

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Decipher Podcast: Source Code 10/27

Welcome back to Source Code, Decipher's weekly news wrap podcast with input from our sources.

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Decipher Podcast: Matt Donahue and Nick Selby

Dennis Fisher talks with Mat Donahue, a former FBI counterterrorism specialist and founder and CEO of Kodex, and Nick Selby, a technologist and law enforcement officer, about the challenges organizations face when responding to data requests from law enforcement agencies and how CISOs and legal teams can address them.


Decipher Podcast: Alessio Setaro

Alessio Setaro, CISO of Leroy Merlin Italy, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about his path to becoming a CISO, the challenges of breaking down silos in an organization, and why security is a people-first challenge.