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Decipher Podcast: Brian Donohue on the 2024 Threat Detection Report

Brian Donohue of Red Canary joins Dennis Fisher to talk about some of the surprising findings from the company's new 2024 Threat Detection Report, including why identity based attacks continue to work so well and how attackers are approaching the shift to the cloud.


Decipher Podcast: Change Healthcare Attack Fallout

Decipher editors Dennis Fisher and Lindsey O'Donnell-Welch talk about the BlackCat ransomware attack on Change Healthcare that has crippled the company and affected the ability of thousands of health care providers, pharmacies, and hospitals to get paid and submit claims.

Podcast, Ransomware

Memory Safe: Daniel Cuthbert

Daniel Cuthbert, global head of cybersecurity research at Banco Santander, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about getting his first computer, a ZX Spectrum that he still owns(!), finding his way into hacking through IRC, his passion for photography, and his surprising alternate career path.


Decipher Podcast: Alex Delamotte

Alex Delamotte, threat researcher at SentinelLabs, talks about the importance of actionable threat intelligence, how threat actors are leveraging cloud services, and the upcoming Net Gala, a hacker and tech-themed art exhibition.


Decipher Podcast: Jennifer Leggio Returns

Jennifer Leggio, a longtime security industry executive who has served in many different roles, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about the shift in thinking among those in the security community, technical gatekeeping in security, her new consulting venture Moveable Feast, and finding your niche.