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Decipher Podcast: Carolina Terrazas

Carolina Terrazas joins Dennis Fisher to talk about getting into security, the importance of diversity in hiring practices, and why Tom Brady is the worst.


Decipher Podcast: Amélie Koran

Amélie Koran joins Dennis Fisher to talk about her start in computing with a Commodore 64, her early years in the private sector, and her security and policy work in several federal government agencies.


Decipher Podcast: Zoe Lindsey

Dennis Fisher talks with Zoe Lindsey, one of the early Duo Security employees, about her entrance into hacker culture, finding her way in the tech world, and the importance of lifelong learning.


Decipher Podcast: Jonathan Mayer

Jonathan Mayer, assistant professor of computer science at Princeton University, joins Dennis Fisher to discuss the technical and legal challenges of Apple's announced CSAM scanning system.


Decipher Podcast: Jules Okafor

Jules Okafor, CEO of RevolutionCyber, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about her unconventional career arc, the importance of empathy in leadership and communications, and why conventional security awareness programs don't work.