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CISOs Gear Up For Compliance With SEC Cyber Regulations

The compliance deadlines for the SEC's cyber rules are this week, and CISOs have spent the last few months preparing in various ways.


Memory Safe: Merritt Baer

Merritt Baer, field CISO at Lacework and former member of the AWS office of the CISO, joins Lindsey O'Donnel-Welch in this week's Memory Safe episode to discuss her career arc, finding a true seat at the table as a security executive, and security as a business enabler.

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More Companies Adopt Board-Level Cybersecurity Committees

The hope is that these types of committees will tighten collaboration between boards and CISOs and lead to more support and resources for organizations’ cybersecurity strategies.


Decipher Podcast: Dr. Christopher Mitchell

Dr. Christopher Mitchell, the CISO for the City of Houston, joins the Decipher podcast to discuss how he inspires his team and drives collaboration related to security within his organization.


CISA: Old Bugs Still Get the Most Attention From Attackers

An analysis by CISA of commonly exploited vulnerabilities in 2022 shows that most of the targeted flaws are at least a year old and many are much older than that.

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