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Understanding the Virtual CSO

Organizations don't have to decide between hiring a CSO/CISO or not having a security leader at all. They can tap the CISO's security expertise by working with a virtual CSO. Gal Shpantzer and Wim Remes talk about the challenges of being an intricate part of the organization's security but still an outsider.


Andy Ellis Has Your Back

Akamai CSO Andy Ellis takes an uncommon approach to his job, distributing responsibility for security across the organization.

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LinkedIn CISO: The Stories We Tell

As CISO of LinkedIn, Cory Scott understands the importance of matching people to the right team. Instead of looking for specific skills or job titles, he asks people for their personal narratives.

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Only Secure Ones)

Technology promised to make things better, but we are getting far less than what we were promised. Add security into the mix, and things have gone terribly wrong in the usability department. We need to look at security as a process and consider the impact of all the steps; not be solely focused on individual steps.

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