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Police Shut Down xDedic Marketplace for Hacked Servers

European law enforcement and the US Department of Justice took the xDedic marketplace, a hotspot for cybercriminals on the dark web, sells access to compromised RDP servers belonging to universities, governments, and private enterprises, offline as part of a joint operation.

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Justice Department Describes North Korea’s Attack Arsenal

The United States Department of Justice painstakingly laid out the investigative breadcrumbs that identified the tools and techniques used by North Korea in offensive campaigns conducted over a four-year span, which includes the attack against Sony Pictures in 2014, the theft from Bangladesh Bank in 2016, and the devastating WannaCry ransomware outbreak in 2017.

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US Calls Out North Korea for Sony, Bangladesh Bank, WannaCry Attacks

The United States Department of Justice has charged a North Korean programmer for taking part in the attacks as part of its strategy to call out nation-state attackers. While there is no chance of US law enforcement ever making the arrest, the complaint is a way for the government to respond to damaging nation-state sponsored attacks.

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Attackers Lie, Leave False Trails

We still don't know who was behind the Olympic Destroyer malware that targeted South Korea during the Winter Olympics, but we know all those supposed clues to their origins were false clues planted by the attackers. As defenders, assume everything you can't verify completely is a lie the attackers deliberately crafted.

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LinkedIn CISO: The Stories We Tell

As CISO of LinkedIn, Cory Scott understands the importance of matching people to the right team. Instead of looking for specific skills or job titles, he asks people for their personal narratives.

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