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Federal Agencies Pinpoint 5G Security Woes

A 5G threat vector analysis by several federal agencies pointed to existing legacy infrastructure deployment weaknesses and supply-chain security challenges.

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Q&A: Andrew Morris

Removing the background noise from the Internet can give security analysts the context necessary to find the attacks that matter, says GreyNoise founder Andrew Morris.

Network Security

Security Norms Must Shift in a Crisis

With so many employees and contractors working remotely, security teams and CISOs grapple with the job of continuing to protect networks, systems, data, and people. One challenge: recognizing clues that something is wrong when nothing looks normal.

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Open Source Flan Scan Combines Nmap with Vulnerability Scanning

Cloudflare has open sourced Flan Scan, a “lightweight” network vulnerability scanner that it uses in-house to help identify vulnerable services running in its vast network. Early reactions suggest that it shouldn’t be the sole vulnerability management tool being used in the network.

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Roll With the New: Continuous Security Delivery

Capsule8 is working to change the way enterprises think about attack detection and response.

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