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Make It Harder to Phish One-Time Passcodes Sent Over SMS

A proposal that would standardize the format of SMS messages being used in two-factor authentication schemes has a simple goal: make users relying on those one-time passcodes less susceptible to phishing attacks.

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Windows 10 Moves Closer to a Password-less World

No matter what the security zealots say, the password will never fully die. The latest version of Windows 10 is getting closer to the passwordless ideal.

Passwords, Microsoft, Windows, 2 Factor Authentication

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Only Secure Ones)

Technology promised to make things better, but we are getting far less than what we were promised. Add security into the mix, and things have gone terribly wrong in the usability department. We need to look at security as a process and consider the impact of all the steps; not be solely focused on individual steps.

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