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Microsoft Patches Two Bugs Under Active Attack

In its March Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft has fixed two vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-23397) and (CVE-2023-24880) that have been exploited in the wild.


Microsoft Patches Three Actively Exploited Bugs

In its February patch release, Microsoft fixed three vulnerabilities in Windows that have been actively exploited.


Play Ransomware Group Using New ProxyNotShell Exploit

Play ransomware actors have been using a previously undocumented exploitation method for the ProxyNotShell Exchange flaws.

Ransomware, Microsoft

Microsoft-Signed Malicious Driver Used in Pre-Ransomware Intrusions

Researchers have found a malicious driver signed by Microsoft used in the lead up to Hive and Cuba ransomware deployments.

Ransomware, Microsoft

Microsoft Fixes Six Actively Exploited Flaws

Microsoft did not give further details about the exploitation efforts against the flaws disclosed on Tuesday.