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Microsoft Rolls Back Strategy to Block Office Macros By Default

Security researchers say the choice by Microsoft to re-enable Office macros by default is "puzzling."

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Black Basta Ransomware Actors Take Aim at PrintNightmare Flaw

Threat actors deploying the Black Basta ransomware have exploited the Microsoft PrintNightmare bug as part of their attacks.

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U.S. Gov Agencies Face Looming Microsoft Exchange Online Modern Auth Deadline

New guidance urges U.S. government agencies to expedite the switch to Modern Auth in Exchange Online ahead of Microsoft's Oct. 1 deadline.


Microsoft Windows Update Fixes Known, Actively Exploited Flaw

Microsoft issued a patch for the Follina vulnerability, which was first disclosed in May and has been under active exploitation by attackers.


Exploits Target Zero Day in Windows and Office

A zero day flaw (CVE-2022-30190) in Windows and Office is under active attack and MIcrosoft has not issued a patch yet.