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Microsoft Mines Events Logs for RDP Brute-Force Attacks

Microsoft looked at Windows Events Log to understand what RDP brute-force attacks looked like in the enterprise, and found that attackers frequently space out the login attempts over several days to avoid detection.

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Attackers Prefer Cheap and Easy-to-Find RDP Attack Tools

For many criminals, the fact that they can just buy remote desktop protocol (RDP) credentials means they don’t need to spend the time trying to develop their own attacks. With RDP, the network is their oyster.

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You Built a Better Mousetrap? They Built Better RATs

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) have traditionally been known as tools that perform tasks such as installing additional malware or stealing files from an infected computer. They are often bundled with enticing software like free games or system utilities. RATs are nothing new, but their usage and related attack methods have changed recently in interesting ways.

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