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Lapsus$ Group Uses ‘Unique Blend’ of Social Engineering, Identity-Centric Tactics

The Lapsus$ group, which most recently claimed breaches of Microsoft and Okta, relies on several tactics used less frequently by other threat groups.

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Okta Says Small Percentage of Customers Affected by Breach

The Lapsus$ hacking and extortion group claims to have had access to internal Okta systems since January, but the company said it looked into the incident at a third party and it was contained.

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CafePress Faces Fine Over Data Breach Cover Up

The American online retailer will be required to pay half a million dollars and improve its security practices by implementing MFA and encrypting sensitive data.

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NVIDIA Confirms Theft of Employee Credentials

NVIDIA said attackers stole some employee credentials and other proprietary company information that is being leaked online.

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The Art of Extortion: Cybercriminals Build Up Blackmail Tactics

When it comes to cyber extortion, attackers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to put pressure on victims to pay up.

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