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A Buyers' Market: Healthcare Data in Underground Markets

Bundles of personal data records are referred to as "fullz" on the underground marketplaces by criminals. The data can include names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers (SSNs) and date of birth, all of which can be used for medical fraud, impersonation or even extortion. Stolen healthcare information is valued the highest.

Healthcare, Medical Data, Data Breaches

Users Need More Than Minimal Breach Disclosure

Companies get away with disclosing just the bare minimum, or dribble out the bad news to the point where no one is paying attention. We need to hold companies to a higher set of expectations.

Data Breaches, Data Breach Notification

How a Researcher Found the Panera Data Leak

Security researcher Dylan Houlihan discovered an issue that leaked data from the Panera Bread site, including customer names, phone numbers, and other information.

Data Breaches

Securing Access After the Cloudflare Bug & Data Leaks

Find out how to keep your user logins and access to data secure after the Cloudflare bug that leaked customer data online, including passwords, security keys and more.

Cloudflare Bug, Data Breaches, Access Security, Two Factor Authentication

You Built a Better Mousetrap? They Built Better RATs

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) have traditionally been known as tools that perform tasks such as installing additional malware or stealing files from an infected computer. They are often bundled with enticing software like free games or system utilities. RATs are nothing new, but their usage and related attack methods have changed recently in interesting ways.

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