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FTC Cracks Down on Drizly, CEO For Lax Security Practices

A newly proposed order against Drizly will also bind its CEO to specific data security-related requirements after a 2020 data breach.

FTC, Data Security

FTC Sues Data Broker For Selling Sensitive Location Data

The lawsuit against data broker Kochava is another step by the FTC to crack down on invasive data collection and sharing practices.

Data Privacy, FTC

FTC Moves to Address Pervasive Commercial Surveillance

The FTC may consider rules to address the abuses of commercial surveillance by ad tech companies and platform providers.

Privacy, FTC

CafePress Faces Fine Over Data Breach Cover Up

The American online retailer will be required to pay half a million dollars and improve its security practices by implementing MFA and encrypting sensitive data.

Data Breaches, FTC

FTC Beefs Up Security Mandates For Financial Sector

The FTC has made changes to the Safeguards Rule aimed at securing consumer data in the financial industry.

FTC, Financial Services, Finance Security