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FTC Sues Data Broker For Selling Sensitive Location Data

The lawsuit against data broker Kochava is another step by the FTC to crack down on invasive data collection and sharing practices.

Data Privacy, FTC

Lawmakers Release Federal Data Privacy Draft Bill

The draft bill looks at several key issues related to data privacy in the U.S., including data collection and sharing policies, opt-out practices and more.

Data Privacy

The Hunt For a Federal Data Privacy Law

Privacy experts pinpoint the challenges and complexities behind a federal data privacy law.

Data Privacy, Federal Cybersecurity, Federal

New Bill Would Bar Federal Agencies From Buying Data

The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act targets loopholes in the law that permit data brokers to sell American’s private data to government agencies without a court order.

Government, Privacy, Data Privacy, Government Agencies

New Bill Would Curb the Export of Americans’ Data

The newly-proposed U.S. draft bill would introduce a license requirement for foreign companies to trade U.S. citizens’ personal information.

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