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New Domino Malware Used to Deliver Infostealers, Cobalt Strike

Researchers believe that the Domino malware is being deployed by former Conti members and has been developed by FIN7, indicating “at least some level of collaboration between the two groups."

Malware, Conti, Trickbot

QuaDream Spyware Used to Target Journalists, Activists

QuaDream's spyware has been used in hacks against journalists, political dissidents and non-government organization workers in North America, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Malware, Spyware

Winter Vivern Goes After Diplomats and Government Agencies

The Winter Vivern APT group is now targeting government agencies and diplomats from the United States and European countries.

Malware, Russia

3CX Windows App Compromised in Supply Chain Attack

Two versions of the 3CX Windows electron app were compromised in a targeted supply chain attack, and researchers have connected it to a North Korean attack group.


Attackers Deploy New IcedID Variant

Two threat groups have been identified deploying a new variant of the IcedID malware, which often is seen in conjunction with Emotet.